Repairing A Bike GPS With 3D Printing

Susan R. Jones

We really like hacks that keep gizmos out of the trash heap, and [Brieuc du Maugouër] has us covered with this 3D printable substitute mount he designed for his bicycle GPS.

Just one of the most discouraging methods a gadget can fall short is when a modest, but crucial portion of the device fails. [du Maugouër] put together a 3D printed back and four M2x6mm screws to make a strong new mount to exchange the damaged OEM mount on his handlebar-mounted GPS. Slots for zip tie mounting are included in circumstance the alternative mount breaks ahead of however yet another alternative can be printed. Evidently [du Maugouër] agrees with Main O’Brien that “in a crunch, I would not like to be caught without the need of a second backup.” [Youtube]

It is fascinating that we’re ultimately in a time when 3D printed substitution components are dwelling up to their prospective. This would be a good deal simpler if more makers posted 3D printed style and design data files alternatively of receiving them pulled from 3D file platforms, but makers will obtain a way irrespective of OEM acceptance.

We have included a ton of bike hacks more than the several years which include Diy Bike Computer systems and GPS Trackers. Do you have a job that keeps anything from getting trash or may conserve the environment yet another way? There is still time to enter the Help you save the Globe Wildcard spherical of the Hackaday Prize (closes October 16th).

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