Intel hands a ‘blank check’ to technology chief Ann Kelleher, hoping she can deliver a turnaround

Susan R. Jones
Intel renames its Ronler Acres campus for Gordon Moore, the legendary engineer who co-foundedIntel renames its Ronler Acres campus for Gordon Moore, the legendary engineer who co-founded the company the company

Technologies development chief Ann Kelleher suggests Intel’s “blank test” for know-how improvement demonstrates its commitment to regaining its progressive edge: “Who’s likely to argue with remaining explained to you have limitless methods? And it is explained in general public. Nobody’s likely to argue with that. It’s quite empowering in conditions of my corporation.” (Beth Nakamura/The Oregonian)

As Intel digs itself out from yrs of technological malaise, it’s vowed that the future four generations of microprocessors, nevertheless in the lab, will place the business back again on the bleeding edge.

CEO Pat Gelsinger has pledged that Intel’s chips will once more be the industry’s most highly developed by 2025, and in performing so he’s specified the company’s engineers and experts a sense of objective immediately after a long time of retreat.

Ann Kelleher

Position: Intel executive vice president, technology progress manager

Schooling: 3 degrees from College College or university Cork, which includes a Ph.D. in electrical engineering

Job: Joined Intel in 1996 as a approach engineer subsequently managed factories in Ireland, New Mexico and Arizona right before using above leadership of the company’s full production team named head of know-how improvement in 2020 .

Age: 57

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