7 Tips to Improve Customer Service Skills

Susan R. Jones

15 Customer Service Skills & How to Improve (Step-by-Step)

Excellent customer service is not solely the responsibility of your frontline staff. That is why it is critical that every employee collaborates to solve problems – and that you enable your frontline workers to provide value to your clients. This will help your business retain customers.

The following suggestions are intended to assist customer service agents, customer service management, and operations employees in collaborating to create delightful customer experiences. Developing a customer service mindset is critical for the entire team to succeed – and for your customers to remain loyal to your business.

Engage in Active Listening

Behind every service call is an individual with a query that needs to be looked into. The individual must feel heard and understood. Active listening can add great value to your customer service. You may hone this skill through practice with coworkers or family members on a regular basis. To begin with, approach each conversation with the intention of learning something and focusing on the speaker. After the client is done speaking, seek clarity from the client to make sure you comprehend what they are saying. Finally, wrap up the communication with a concise summary.

Understand How to empathize With Your Clients

Empathy is the capacity to comprehend how a person is feeling and where they are coming from. While some people appear to be born with this quality, it is a talent that can be learned. When you’re listening to the client, attempt to envision the situation through their eyes and how it makes them feel. This is a vital customer service skill because if the client feels understood by you, they will be more responsive. It may also help to de-escalate a problem and make interactions with your company more pleasant.

Make Use of Positive Language

When dealing with client complaints, use pleasant words to deescalate the situation. Words have great power, and they can help you build trustworthy connections with your clients. Positive verbs should be employed. Instead of stating “do not press the red button,” say “the green button is the best alternative.” The future tense is also advantageous because it does not linger on the customer’s previous problems. Phrases such as “Great inquiry, I will look into it for you!” and “I would love to learn more about…” will keep the client in the present moment. Also, remember to be honest and optimistic while communicating with consumers, and to remain cool and upbeat even if the client is unhappy.

Improve Your Technical Abilities

Customers may come to you with a variety of issues, and they want you to respond quickly to their inquiries. You will be wasting their time if you don’t know how to correctly execute a service ticket. Before you connect with clients, you should completely grasp how to utilize your live chat and ticketing system as well as learn to type quickly.

Understand Your Products and Services

To assist the client, you must have a thorough understanding of your products and how they function. It is advised that each customer support representative spend some time onboarding with a seasoned product specialist so they may ask questions and get a good grasp of product knowledge. You will be able to assist customers when they’re troubleshooting difficulties. You will also have product tips to offer to customers to make your product easier to use.

Bring In the Human Element

Because you can’t read the other person’s facial emotions and body language, live chat, email, or even phone calls might appear impersonal. Search for common ground so you are able to connect with your client.

Keep Your Communication Clear

Excellent customer service requires the ability to communicate properly, both vocally and in writing, especially when dealing with people who do not speak your native language. Your queries should be answered in a clear, straightforward, and natural tone of voice.

Customers want to know what’s going on, but they don’t need all the specifics. You may provide more information if they request it, but most clients want their problems fixed immediately. Always ask, “Do you need any further help?” at the end of each interaction so they have one more chance to ask a question and you will know you have done everything you can to fix the problem.

Summing Up

Having an excellent product alone will never trump treating customers poorly. Adopting good customer service practices will allow your business to become successful. It will result in greater customer satisfaction and hence increase your client retention. You may sell the best internet packages but they may be of no use if not complemented by strong customer service when a problem arises. HughesNet ensures all its users remain satisfied with its new Gen5 satellite internet and 24/7 customer service. Dial HughesNet Customer Service Number to learn more.

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