7 Essential Features of Event Management Website

Smart technology has streamlined the discrepancies that event management firms have faced for a long time. The gap of miscommunication is now bridged with a technologically advanced system. In fact, over 82% of event management firms run websites to enhance their business reach and awareness level.

Event management needs to have effective business strategies. Else, you can’t sell your ticket. In order to have an effective plan, your website needs to have a strategic advantage over others. For that, it is absolutely essential to know how each element in the website communicates. 

These features are the backbone of your company and let you enhance your business.


Visitors arriving at your website come from a range of references. Now, this can be through someone’s recommendations, search engine, and more. The name of the company has a significant role to play. Apart from that, there’s the company logo that acts as an indicator of your brand. Additionally, the Website Design Company prominently uses it for restructuring your website.

Location, Date & Time

For the decision-making process, location, date, and time are essential. People will fail to attend your event if they have no good idea about the place and timings. Your page should clearly mention the location, date, and time of the event you plan to host. In fact, a Website Design Company in Kolkata, India, recommends putting essential information on your website’s home page. 

Did you Know?

Over 90% of event managers consider that event technology, when correctly conceived and executed, yields positive growth.

Clear CTA

CTA or call-to-action is a simple way to guide your customers to your service. Most event websites run a range of CTA, i.e., “Buy Tickets,” “Register Now.” However, make sure that your Web Design Company does not make it a hotchpotch. If an attendee failed to find the call to action button, you lost a great deal. Get a professional team on board and grow your audience exponentially. 

Header Photos

These may be in the form of graphics or perhaps predominately displayed images at the top of your page. These visuals play an active role in providing a glimpse of the event. Run the header image to capture the video of your event. This will portray a positive outlook about what you plan to provide for your attendees. 

Fact: Running an event website can reduce event management costs by up to 32%


Your content is your description. This will tell your visitors what picture it is all about. An aesthetically designed content will give you an edge over others. In fact, the better the content, the more the customer flow.

In addition, here’s what our experts from SEO Company have to say, “Your content can help you in two ways: You can engage visitors and also help Google rank it on the SERPs. For making it more engaging, pack a punch of description so that visitors want to stick to your site. Make sure you maintain the flair that sounds professional but also fascinates your visitors.

Social Media Connectivity

As an event managing firm, your customers would always want to see how well you manage your events. When on-site, get some great snaps and run them on your social media handle. The more appealing the social media page, the greater you can see tickets. Also, don’t forget to add videos, or perhaps, you may want to go live. This technique will help you authenticate your business.

Purchase/Registration Form

The registration/purchase form is where your conversion lies. Therefore, this is a significant part of your business. If a web development company makes it complicated, visitors will only get frustrated but also skip the event. Each step in the registration process leads to a 10% decrease in transactions. Therefore, make sure the purchase process is swift and easy.

Final Wrap

Personalization is critical when hosting a business. Your attendees want to experience something unique; something like the event has been specially crafted only for them. With loaded features on your website, you can handle multiple tracks for every occasion. 

Target your audience relentlessly and extract higher value from the event. Right from the first step to the event’s execution, your website will host several purposes and provide you with a better return.