6 Crypto Projects with Promising Founders

Susan R. Jones

Despite the fact that cryptocurrencies are founded on blockchain technology, in which each transaction is a string of exact digits that create a cryptographic hash, people are still able to exercise their creativity inside the business.

One of these professionals may have come from a background working in development, while another may have come from a background working in economics, or a director may have come from an executive corporate environment; however, one thing that they all have in common is their imagination and their willingness to think outside the box.

These heroes all have the exceptional trait of being visionaries, which enables them to anticipate, grab, and capitalize on the technology prospects of the future.

This is the attribute that binds them together. In order to achieve victory, each of them must first analyze, then develop, then construct, and last put into action an effective action strategy for success.

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6 Crypto Projects with Promising Founders

1. Suresh Joshi – Battle Infinity

As of now, the rise of Metaverse based gaming is evident.

Mr. Suresh launched the Battle Infinity Metaverse Gaming platform to tap into this growing market. The founder has more than 17 years of experience in Media and Marketing.

Seeing that there aren’t many games that offer a good visual experience coupled with an exciting gaming experience, he assembled a team of developers and software engineers and created Battle Infinity.

The platform hosts several games, and the players can own in-game assets and NFTs and trade them in the integrated marketplace as well. Several sports such as Cricket and Football are also included in the platform.

Suresh Joshi Battle Infinity

Cricket is only the start for Battle Infinity and our IBAT Premier League model. Football, basketball and more will follow.”, Suresh mentioned in an interview.

As of now, the native token of Battle Infinity, IBAT, is on 90 days presale. Interested investors can go to their official website presale.battleinfinity.io and participate in it.

The LinkedIn profile of the Founder and other core team members can be accessed here.

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2. Satoshi Nakamoto – Bitcoin Creator

On this list, there is no competition for first place, and that spot belongs to Satoshi Nakamoto who is widely regarded as the most enigmatic figure in the cryptocurrency industry. He is also the guy who invented Bitcoin.

The mere existence of this unknown character has also been questioned on several occasions. Nobody knows for sure whether it is one person or a group. Is Satoshi Nakamoto only an alias or persons’ name?

Who is Satoshi Nakamoto

Regardless of the outcome, it was Satoshi Nakamoto is the one responsible for developing the Bitcoin protocol and producing the initial version of the software.

There is, without a doubt, a great deal of debate over the genuine identity of “Nakamoto’, and a number of hypotheses have surfaced in an attempt to identify him.

We will take a look at the two most suspected individuals as the investigation into finding out who he really is continues on:

  • Nick Szabo has been mentioned as a suspect for the position of “Nakamoto’ crown.

The publication of Szabo’s smart contract technology and the Bit Gold algorithm of decentralized virtual currency came just a few short months before Nakamoto’s article on Bitcoin. Szabo is a well-known cryptologist and lawyer who developed these technologies. He is also the developer of the Bitcoin protocol.

  • Craig Wright is the other suspect for the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto.

In 2015, this Australian entrepreneur announced to the world that he was the one who invented the one-of-a-kind technology and filed more than 150 patent applications for the authorship of distributed registry technology, smart contracts, and six cryptocurrencies.

He also claimed that he was the first person to use these technologies. In his favor, the patents were incontestable, and as a result, there were no legal repercussions as a result of this.

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3. Vitalik Buterin – Ethereum Creator

Buterin rose to prominence after he developed Ethereum, which currently holds the position of the world’s second-largest digital currency in terms of market value.

Buterin is a classic example of a child genius; at the juvenile age of just seven, he used Excel macros to create his very first computer game. After that, when he was 10 years old, he started learning C++ and creating full-fledged games.

ETHEREUM founder

2011 was the year when he first saw Blockchain, and by 2013 he had already come to terms the loopholes in Bitcoin. This sparked the idea to develop his very own cryptocurrency network, and by 2014 he had successfully funded and launched his project Ethereum with the help of an online crowd-funding campaign.

It is possible to say that Buterin was the person who indirectly started the frenzy around Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), as well as the one who released the Ethereum code open source (made it available to the general public).

This made it possible for hundreds of developers to create their own applications on the Ethereum blockchain, saving them both time and resources in the process. Tokens that are produced on Ethereum are referred to as ERC-20, which stands for Ethereum Request for Comments and 20. There are already over a thousand of these tokens.

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4. Changpeng Zhao – Binance Founder

One of the most notable personalities in the cryptocurrency sector is Changpeng Zhao, who is the company’s founder and Chief Executive Officer and is of Chinese descent living in Canada. Binance is an international cryptocurrency exchange with its headquarters in Hong Kong.

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As of April 2018, it was the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of trading volume. CZ is the moniker that most people in the bitcoin community know Changpeng Zhao by. Additionally, CZ has an extremely large fanbase.

binance founder

His Twitter account has close to a half a million followers who are crypto enthusiasts who are hooked on reading his hundreds of articles and postings and swear on his every word.

They follow him because they believe he is the authority on cryptocurrency. Zhao obtained his first billion dollars in less than six months and is now one of the richest representatives of the cryptocurrency sector. According to the Forbes rich list, Zhao’s estimated net worth is $1.2 billion.

Trading has been CZ’s primary focus ever since he started his career; he began by working in the information technology section of the New York Stock Exchange, and then he went on to Bloomberg to work on the creation of a trading service there.

Only one hundred eighty days were required for the Binance exchange to climb to the position of becoming the most important cryptocurrency trading platform in the world thanks to the knowledge gained through the fundraising.

The average daily trading volume of Binance is now $2,852,591,354 and the platform is used by more than 15 million traders from all over the world. Binance is one of those rare exchanges that offer services for trading futures and margin.

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5. Charlie Lee – Litecoin Creator

Litecoin was the third cryptocurrency ever created, and it was created by a Japanese computer scientist and programmer by the name of Charlie Lee. Charlie Lee is revered as a legendary figure in the cryptocurrency field. Prior to founding Litecoin, Lee was employed as a developer at Google.

In 2011, he read an article on Bitcoin, which is how he became familiar with the blockchain. He found the cutting-edge technology to be extremely fascinating, and as soon as he could, he spent thirty dollars to purchase one Bitcoin.

Litcoin founder

In the same year, 2011, in the month of October, Lee built the open source cryptographic protocol known as Litecoin. Litecoin was an early Bitcoin offshoot of Altcoin. At the same time, Lee also acquired a job working at the largest Coinbase exchange.

During the summer of 2017, Charlie Lee parted ways with Coinbase and turned his whole attention to the development of Litecoin. The transaction of goods and services via the internet is Litecoin’s primary use case.

In addition, developers are allowed to construct their own apps on the Litecoin blockchain, just like they do on Ethereum’s.

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6. Alex Reinhardt–PLATINCOIN Founder

Alex Reinhardt is a German venture capitalist and entrepreneur who has founded many companies. Alex is the creator of over ten businesses in the information technology and financial technology industries, with a combined market value of over 200 million euros.

In 1996, when Alex was 15 years old, his family immigrated to Germany and for the first few years after their arrival, they survived off of social security funds. Since no one in the family spoke German, they were forced to contend with a great number of obstacles, were forced to live from hand to mouth, and were looking at a challenging future.

Platicoin founder

Reinhardt was the one who took responsibility for pulling his family up by their bootstraps and used his magnetism to encourage his brother to learn German as quickly as possible. The rest, as they say, is history, and by the time Alex was in the 11th grade in 1998, he had begun to make a lot of money by selling items to German pension funds.

This was all because to his salesmanship. Between the years 2002 and 2013, he was actively involved in soliciting investments in start-ups and new firms, and in a little more than a decade’s time, he was able to raise more than 500,000,000 Euros for them.

In 2015, he prevailed against the treachery of business partners who had essentially caused the failure of his company. Huge debts and the requirement to pay bills became a call to action, and in response, Alex established PLATINCOIN which is his most successful product to date.

He did this by drawing on all of his previous knowledge and natural aptitude as a salesperson, as well as his outstanding experience in crypto trading. More than ten different high-tech goods and services are incorporated into the PLATINCOIN worldwide cryptocurrency system.

More than half a million people from all over the world make up the target demographic for the company’s products, and the number of end customers continues to rise day by day.

The primary objective of all products offered by PLATINCOIN is to democratize access to cryptocurrencies around the globe by providing users with an easy-to-use instrument with which to enter the financial market. Currently, more than 2 billion people do not have access to this opportunity.

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